Community Standards


We’re creating a community that wants to play a part in changing how work flows in the music industry. We’ve structured an online network of artists, designers, producers, videographers, business owners, and professionals across the industry industries, who use Featured X every day to create. Our Featured Family shapes everything that the company has done and will do in the future. We take into account all perspectives, beliefs and views to make Featured X so diverse.

To create a respectful, inclusive, and safe environment, we’ve created community standards to maintain a moral compass for behavior on our site. These guidelines help rule what is acceptable on Featured X and its marketplace, and explain how we reinforce violations. They aren’t tied to any law, but we use them to form the sites policies.

Mirroring our community, these standards will evolve and morph. Starting in February 2021, the site will begin to include graphic designers, videographers, photographers and influencers. This will allow users to continue to use Featured X to further their creature aspirations.

We encourage our community to use our reporting tools when encountering anything that is unacceptable. We want to maintain a great experience for the community members, and we ask for respect and for all to follow these guidelines.