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Ice Nine Kills // ex-As Blood Runs Black

Guest Solos |  Remote Producing |  Remote Songwriting | MIDI Programming | Mixing

☑️ Looking for a guest solo? — I got you covered.
☑️ Looking to collaborate and write a song with me? — Let’s do it
☑️ Want me to sit in on your session and add my 2-cents and throw ideas at you? — I’m in.
☑️ Looking to have your song fleshed out with orchestration & ambient textures? — I’m the dude.
☑️ Need your MIDI drums programmed or punched up? — Let me at ’em

All of these things can be done over Skype // Zoom, and the prices vary depending on what we end up doing together – But your best bet is to reach out to me ASAP to get the dialogue going so we can discuss what collaborating together means, what we’d expect from eachother, and how to best manage a temporary creative partnership that is as fun as it is easy on both sides of the equation  👏

[ Bio ]

Dan Sugarman is a 29 year old guitarist and producer out of Los Angeles, CA – he is currently playing with Ice Nine Kills, and releasing his own instrumental music after an 8+ year lead guitarist and songwriter in As Blood Runs Black.

Dan has completed a massive list of guest solos from international touring bands, all the way to up and coming locals – most notably “Crystal Planet” by Angel Vivaldi, and “Haruspex” by Through the Eyes of the Dead 💀

If you’re looking to infuse something fresh into your music, and get an outside perspective on your tracks in order to elevate things to the next level – book your feature now \m/

[ Video Library of a few features Dan has done ]

Dan’s Guest Solo for “Haruspex” off of Through the Eyes of the Dead’s latest album


Dan’s Guest Solo for Angel Vivaldi’s “Crystal Planet” cover by Joe Satriani

Dan’s Guest Solo for “Assemble the Damned”
by Rob Maramonte [Fallujah//The Zenith Passage//All Shall Perish]

Dan’s live-take Guest Solo for a secret Super Group yet to be released

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🎥 Über candid Fly on the Wall video time🦟 Here’s a late night guest solo that I did for a secret new project from several other guys from big bands – stoked! 🤙🏼 Was that illusive enough? Sorry for the 100% acoustic audio from my non-amped guitar 🔪 Sadly I had to go with the headphones since it was at least 2am 😂 One of my favorite things about being a guitar player is being able to put myself in musical situations that others have created in order to force me into thinking and playing differently. Guest solos are always a blast to do, and there’s no better time then ever to do em 👏🏻 Hit me up if you or your band is looking to feature me on your next track 🤘🏼

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Dan’s live-take Guest Solo for Amputech out of Texas

Reach out & start your dialogue with me at // dansugarmanmusic[at ]gmail[dot]com // or contact me here!


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